Do Tattoos and Politics Mix?

Society has come a long way in accepting others. Despite that fact, people still hold a great deal of prejudices based on race, gender, class, appearance, etc. An individual’s first impression is a lasting one. Whether we like it or not, when people get tattoos others automatically stereotype them.  What is for sure is that the politicians who do have tattoos, make sure to cover them up. The follow is a small list of politicians that do have tattoos. Note: Do not act surprised!

Caroline Kennedy
Butterfly tattoos are very popular with females. Mrs. Kennedy is no exception. She has a small tattoo of a butterfly painted on the inside of her elbow. She had it done in the 80’s. However, I believe that she has since tried to have it removed.

Jesse Jackson Jr.
Jesse Jackson has a very impressive tattoo collection on his body. He has two full sleeves. I do not know of anyone that has had that many tattoos that is involved in politics. His tattoos include Bruce Lee art and tattoos of his fraternity.

Mary Bono Mack
Congress woman Mary Bono Mack has a cross tattoo on her ankle. Religious tattoos are not at all uncommon.

People that have more noticeable tattoos all over their face or body generally do not hold political office. People still hold judgments and criticisms that more than likely are not going away anytime soon. If you are going to get a tattoo and are thinking of running for office, you should get the tattoo in an inconspicuous place.

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April 26, 2015

Governor’s Christie’s Weight Loss Transformation And the Public’s Perception on Weight

We all remember that infamous Barbara Walter’s interview where she hinted at Gov. Chris Christie’s Weight and basically asked him “Was he too fat to for fun for presidency?” As speculation continues to intensify that he will run for presidency in 2106, then the issue becomes scrutinized even more. As America becomes a more health conscious society, Will a presidential candidate’s weight negatively affect their ability to win an election? Is this a concern for the people who voted him or her into office? We will attempt to look at some of the issues involved with an overweight candidate?

According to several news outlets, Chris Christie has undegone lap-band surgery in February of 2013. As a result, he has shed a lot of pounds. He kept it under wraps for quite some time. Even his top aids did not know that he had the procedure done. He has been raising money since last year in his anticipation for re-election and possibly a presidential candidate. He assured his donors that he was fit enough to put in the work before they shelled out the donations.

From all angles, it appears that the public definitely cares enough about somene’s health status that it may negatively impact their vote. The fact of the matter is that people still view someone as overweight as potentially not being able to put in the time and effort as their slimmer counterparts. Can an overweight person put in just as much time as a slim person? Yes. Absolutely. However, the fact still remains that a run for practically any government held office position can be stressful. This means that an overweight may be more at risk of a stroke or a heart attack. We can only assume that someone who is grossly overweight already suffers from major health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and too much bad cholesterol.

It appears that governor Christie has ultimately took the best steps for him in order to lose weight via the lap-band procedure. Obviously, it is working for him at this time. This seems to be a much better alternative for people who are struggling to lose the weight on their own or via diet pills such as this one or this one.   I still remember when the prescription weight loss drug phentermine came on the market and what men and woman had to say in their honest phentermine review. Like it or not, people want a candidate who is fit, intelligent, and aligns with the issues that they deem most important.

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March 31, 2015

Are you ready to vote in 2016?

If you are concerned about your future and your rights, you should not pass up the opportunity to vote.  After all, the people you elect on both a local and national level can greatly impact your quality of life.  Many people really do not know where to begin or how to even get registered.  Luckily, we outline the quick and painless way so that you will be ready for the polls on election day.  Later in another article, we let you in on how to actually make the voting process as easy as possible.

1st Step:  Are you eligible?

In order to be eligible to vote in the U.S., you must meet the following criteria:

Must be a U.S. citizen
Not in prison or on parole
18 years of age
A resident in the state you reside in

2nd Step:  If you are eligible to vote, the next step is to register

The most easiest way to register is online.  Currently, about 20 states online allow you to do so.  You can check to see if you can register online by visiting this website:  If you have to manually send in the form, you can download it from here:

You will need:
State DL# or State Issued ID#
SS #

3rd Step:  Send the inormation in.  You can either do it in person or online as stated above.

4th Step:  Check your state’s deadline.

5th Step:  Wait for your voter registration card in the mail.

If circumstances permit, you can always vote via an absentee valid.

There you have it.  Above, there are 5 easy steps to get the voting process started.

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March 31, 2015

Civil Rights Activists Seeking Federal Help In Alabama

On behalf of gay couples in Alabama who want to continue to get married, gay activist groups are asking for federal assistance.  A motion put in order by the ACLU is in response to the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision to cease the practice of same sex marriage.  In January of this year, the ban of same sex marriage in Alabama was lifted.  Detractors moved swiftly to stop the probate court judges from issuing marriage licenses.  They succeeded temporarily.

According to the supporters of same sex marriage in Alabama, the state only allows marriage between a man and a woman.  It has apparently for two centuries.  The Alabama probate judges apparently have to uphold this law.  This is bounds for the same sex marriage in Alabama not to be constitutional.

Outraged supporters of gay marriage in Alabama are now reaching out and asking for help outside of the state’s local government.  The battle continues as people for and against same sex marriage continue to try and uphold their view.  This may not end until the Federal Supreme court judges make a decision regarding the matter.
This could happen as early as this June.  Time will only tell.

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March 29, 2015

Obama Will Be Treated for Acid Reflux

In early December of last year, President Obama visited the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with symptoms of a sore throat.  Although his ct scan results were within acceptable limits, he was still diagnosed with acid reflux.  The ear, nose, and throat specialist performed a routine fiber optic exam.  They placed a scope down his throat to further examine what was causing his pain.  They will devise a plan and treat him accordingly.  It may involve dietary changes.

Obama has apparently kicked his habit of smoking with the help of nicotene gum.  He also has a pretty good bill of health.  Acid reflux itself affects approximately 9 million people in the USA.  While many people have chosen medication or surgery to combat the disorder, many people are now seeking alternative routes to combat the illness.  As the specialist noted above, it may be as simple as changing your diet.  It should be noted that acid reflux can be managed successfully with the proper treatment.  This website has some very helpful information on Acid Reflux as well as other health topics.

There are many reasons as to why people get acid reflux in the first place.  The underlying problem remains that the valve that is supposed to prevent stomach juices from going into the esophagus is somehow damaged.  The valve may have a pressure that is not normal or it may open at the wrong times.  The stomach acids that gets pushed back into the esophagus causes the discomfort.

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March 29, 2015

Is Ben Carson A Slam Dunk or Is He Just Striking Out?

Ben Carson has been in the news a lot lately. He has made some statements about his personal viewpoints on various topics that have left some people with their eyebrows raised. We will touch upon that a little later. First off, Who is Ben Carson? Ben Carson is a retired very famous neurosurgeon, author, and anthropologist. He new works as a fox news contributor. He was born in 1951 in Detroit, Michigan. He made it through some very rough obstacles to be arguably the most famous neurosurgeon in the world. He had a problem with his temper by his own admission. He really is living proof that anyone can achieve what they want through hardwork and perserveance.

Political Commentary
While he is very famous in the medical community and amongst his peers, his has ruffled some feathers when it has came to his personal viewpoints regarding politics. At the National Prayer Breakfast last year, he openly criticized Obamacare. His speech got over 3 million views on Youtube. People in office have both voiced their opinions for and against Obamacare. He also has certain views regarding homosexuality. According to MSNBC, in an interview Dr. Carson thought the being gay was a choice and that there is a reason that people go into prison straight and come out gay. Is his honesty hurting him politically? According to some recent polls, results show that Ben has a lot more supporters than people think.

Supporters of Ben Carson
Carson has spent months talking to mostly large GOP audiences. According to the CPAC straw poll, he beat out Mark Rubio, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker as a likely presidential candidate. His party has raised over 15 million dollars in support of a grass root campaign. He has a lot of supporters and could be a very strong contender for the 2016 presidential race.

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March 25, 2015

Government Moped Scheme – Good Idea?

What if there was a way that people could get to work that did not have access to a car or public transportation? Apparently, the East Sussux County Council has figured out a way to secure a grant under the government’s local sustainable transport fund. This is suppose to be especially helpful for people who live in rural areas. Its goal is to help people gain access to jobs or education by providing the scooters. Otherwise, these people would not have a way to work.

How is the program doing?
The results speak for themselves according to Max Jowett. Currently, they have helped over 100 people commute to work, job training, and college. In fact, currently demand exceeds supply. They have successfully secured another grant as they continue to try and expand the program.

Imagine if this was adopted everywhere.  This razor e100 electric scooter review highlights some of the perks of this scooter made for kids.  However, this brand and others also makes electric scooters for adults.  In the future, this could be a real posibility. Granted, this particular program referenced was in the UK but this model can be adopted everywhere. This definitely seems promising.

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March 25, 2015